About Us


SBM Ayur founded by scientist Dr. Sreedevi in 2003 is a health & wellness company manufacturing products which fall under four broad categories: Ayurvedic Patented & Classical Medicines, Nutraceuticals, Bio Organic Cosmetics & Lifestyle Disease Cures. Product range comprises 100 profound formulations which include 52 patented medicines, 6 classical Ayurvedic preparations, 30 that are approved by FSSAI and 12 bio organic cosmetics.

Our major product lines are Hair, Skin and Body Care Products, Health Supplements, Men/ Women Vitality Boosters & Lifestyle Disease Cures. SBM Ayur products are widely marketed and available in India, USA, Canada & GCC. In 2012 SBM Ayur Fat Free was handpicked as “The Best Natural Product for Weight Loss & Cholesterol Control” and SBM Ayur Rejuena as an “Immunity Booster” won the Best Selling Product title in Canada.

SBM Ayur’s GMP certified manufacturing hub located at Thalakkotukara in Thrissur, Kerala is capable of fulfilling national as well as international requirements.

Dr. Sreedevi a naturalist and scientist set up Sri Bhagavathy Madom (SBM) Ayurveda Nikethanam in 2003 to manufacture her signature preparations and formulae. Her Doctorate in wild life biology led her to work closely with tribal communities and learning ancient tribal formulae & natural medicinal secrets. Born in a family engaged in traditional medicine for generations, her quest has been to combine scientific techniques, traditional formulations and single root panaceas including medicinal secrets obtained in her years of research to produce natural medicines.