About Us


Our founder Dr. Sreedevi is one of the renowned names in the field of natural medicine. She has a masters in general biology which led her to a doctorate in wildlife biology. As part of her research, she spent many years in direct interaction with rural communities in forests to learn ancient tribal formulae and natural medicinal secrets. Her research resulted in the discovery of wonder cures for many life style and even life threatening diseases.

SBM Ayur Thiruthaali, our 96 % pure leaf juice shampoo is one of her early formulations which packs in natural goodness of a variety of leaves making hair soft, smooth and silky. The most gentle cleansing your hair can get ! SBM Ayur Rejuena, a rejuvenating tonic works as a wonder drug by removing body toxins, boosting immunity and enhancing functioning of body organs. SBM Ayur Fat Free is a revolutionary 100 % herbal product in obesity management aiding healthy and effective weight loss.

Dr. Sreedevi is recipient of the prestigious Best Entrepreneur Award of Government of Kerala in 2011, and earned Chamber of Commerce recognitions in two consecutive years: 2009 & 2010.