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 elixir of life

  • SBM Guduchi is a single drug formulation of Tinospora cordifolia, widely known as ‘Amruth’ in many parts of India. 
  • As the name suggests it is an elixir of life having actions against a number of deadly diseases. 
  • Improves liver functions by destroying toxins, treats liver damage due to hepatitis or jaundice.
  • Helps in balancing body temperature, hence effective in treatment for a wide range of fever and other infective conditions. 

  • Acts as a bitter tonic, thereby an appetizer. 
  • Beneficial in gout and rheumatic disorders. 
  • Reduces excess fat, Effective cure for fatty liver.
  • Helps in reducing side effects of chemotherapy drugs. 
  • Balances blood pressure, Maintains good cholesterol levels. 
  • Helps to increase body’s resistance to illness, anxiety and stress. 
  • Acts as an antidiabetic agent, Effective in arthritis and inflammation.
  • Serves as an aphrodisiac, Increases sexual potency, Purifies sperm.  
  • Treats digestive problems like hyperacidity, abdominal pain, colitis, vomiting, loss of appetite. 
  • One among ‘Medhya rasayana’ hence improves learning ability and acts as a memory enhancer.

1 tablet thrice daily, one hour before food or as directed by physician.

Tinospora cordifolia Extract 600mg

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