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Withania somnifera Extract 800 mg

3 reviews

    Roshan Mathew

    My father as well as my grandfather are taking ashwagandha tablets. Very good result. Both say that Ashwagandha improved their quality of sleep and eradicated fatigue. Both are very happy with the results. Now both are taking Rejuena also since it is an immunity booster.

      Reshma Shenoy
      Udupi, Karnataka

      Ashwagandha is very useful for me. It has a vital role in eradicating my tiredness. Im taking ashwagandha as well as stress free. It eventually corrected my sleeping pattern. Now I can sleep at night peacefully.


        I was suffering from severe stress and due to that I always had sleepless nights. SBM Ashwagandha sorted all these problems. Now I get good sleep and Im very much energetic compared to old times.

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