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Aegle marmelos Improves hair growth
Aloe vera Arrests hair fall, Promotes hair growth
Azadirachta indica Dandruff prevention agent
Emblica officinalis Dandruff prevention agent, Nourishes hair
Fagonia cretica Arrests excessive exfoliation
Ocimum sanctum Effective for hair regeneration, Fights fungal infestation, dandruff
Cocos nucifera Antimicrobial, Boosts hair follicles, Contains all essential nutrients for a healthy hair growth

5 reviews

    Arun Dev

    I used to have small boils on scalp and severe itching. I even had dandruff on eye brows, eye lashes, beard and moustache. My condition was very severe. Dandreena is really a boon to me. This product saved me.

      Sangeetha Ravi

      Dandruff was always a problem for me. It always used to reoccur somehow. And white dusts on shoulders were so embarrassing. I had severe scalp itching also. Now Im so relieved from all these problems.

        Neelima Chandran
        Kuttippuram, Kerala

        I love the fragrance of this oil, very pleasant, light and natural. Very effective in getting rid of dandruff for myself, husband and son.

          Sreejith M
          Pandalam, Kerala

          Eliminated dandruff. As a result my Hair fall reduced. Eventually hair volume increased, I guess dandreena helps in hair restoration

            Nitha Varma
            Thrissur, Kerala

            Dandreena reduced my dandruff in 3 days. I would recommend to use this along with Thiruthaali shampoo because, scalp won’t get dry which could be a reason for dandruff.

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