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Indigofera tinctoria Promotes hair growth
Ocimum sanctum Fights fungal infestation, dandruff, Promotes hair growth
Eclipta alba Nourishes hair root, Promotes hair growth
Mussaenda frondosa Removes dandruff
Aegle marmelos Improves hair growth
Cocos nucifera Boosts hair follicles, Contains all essential nutrients for a healthy hair growth

5 reviews

    Sreerag R
    Thrissur, Kerala

    Used for three months. Beard growth improved after one month use. Highly recommended.

      Renjith Sasidharan
      Trivandrum, Kerala

      Very effective medicine. My beard wasn’t continuous. Gap reduced within one month use of this beard oil.

        Mohd. Shaheen
        Karama, Dubai

        Highly recommended. Got result in first week itself. I already have beard but not enough length. Growth increased resulting in thick shiny black beard.

          Simran Shah
          Gandhinagar, Gujarat

          Helped me a lot in regaining new hair on scalp which I lost as a reaction to an Allopathic medicine.

            Radika Mathur
            Dwarka, Delhi

            I used it for gaining hair growth in eyebrows. Medicine has positive result for me. I recommended this to my cousin she is also happy since she gained hair growth on scalp.

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