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  • Chyavanaprasam is known as the Rasaayana of Rasaayanas, SBM Chyavanaprasam is an absolute rejuvenator for whole body especially skin, hair, heart, brain and reproductive system. 
  • Ancient Ayurvedic herbal supplement, which is known to provide balance and strength to body’s immune system, maintains youthfulness if prepared in the same method as prescribed in classical texts. 
  • Regains vigour and vitality within three months, protects family from cough, cold and infections by fortifying body’s natural immunity, enforces smooth functioning of circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems to create overall good health. 
  • As per Ayurvedic experts, Chyavanaprasam contributes to state of bala, which is the state where body’s own ability to defend itself is optimum. 
  • Rasaayana are complex combination of natural antidotes and herbs. When these two are combined, it results in a synergistic effect, more powerful than sum of the effects of individual herbs.

  • Helps to maintain health & functioning of entire physiology, Increases longevity, memory and intelligence, Enhances immunity &overall well being, Elevates energy levels, Decreases effects of aging and enhances overall well-being.
  • Free radicals are produced in our body through normal bodily processes, especially by mental & physical stress. Besides this, environmental pollution & pesticides in food can also cause extensive damage to cells, speed up aging process and contribute to a wide range of diseases. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables supply a good amount of antioxidants that mop up damaging free radicals.
  • As per comprehensive scientific research, Chyavanaprasam is the most effective known food supplement which ensures that you have an adequate antioxidant supply. 
  • Latest researches say that one gram of Chyavanaprasam is more effective against free radicals than 1000 grams of Vitamin C or E. 
  • There are absolutely no side effects for SBM Chyavanaprasam.

One tablespoon (10-15 gms) twice daily one hour before food, preferably with a glass of milk or as directed by physician. 

Reference: Sahasrayogam

SBM Chyavanaprasam is produced in strict accordance with traditional ayurvedic guidelines. Top level quality control measures, conducted as per international standards are an integral part of production process. It takes 240 careful steps to prepare this special product and 22 pounds of raw herbal ingredients to produce a single jar of SBM Chyavanaprasam.

2 reviews

    Geetha Murali
    Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

    Im glad that Chyavanprasham helped my daughter improve her immunity. She was very weak, especially after school. She used to get cold and fever very frequently. Now that has changed a lot. She is very active and vibrant now.

      Karthik Menon
      Pattambi, Kerala

      I like the taste of this Chyavanprasham. This is very much balanced and light. Keeps me fresh for the entire day.

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