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Ocimum sanctum Controls excessive sweating, Reduces body odour
Boerhavia diffusa Helps in weight loss, Diuretic
Cynodon dactylon Dissolves fat, Removes water and gas molecules retained inbetween fat globules
Cinnamomum camphora Improves circulation, Removes swellings, Controls body odour
Cocos nucifera Antimicrobial, Burns fat, Makes skin smooth and silky

4 reviews

    Rashmi Raghav

    My tummy was very loose, bloated and had horrible stretch marks. All these happened after pregnancy. I was really worried about how to regain my old skin and fitness. Fitness oil helped me a lot in regaining my old fitness and skin.

      K Ranganathan

      I wanted to reduce my double chin. Fitness oil helped me a lot.

        Neema Augustine
        Pala, Kerala

        The best thing I liked about this oil is I can decide where to lose my weight. I have lean legs and arms. I only wanted to lose my tummy. If I undertake fat reduction treatments my entire body weight would have been reduced, which is totally unnecessary for me. I had Garcinia and applied fitness oil for three months and I got perfect result. Im so happy with this product.

          Neethu Santhosh

          Fitness oil helped me have a better skin tone. Stretch marks removed. Loose fat also removed especially buttocks, thighs and waist.

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