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  • Irregular and painful periods can turn out to be a nightmare for every woman.
  • SBM FEMIN A is an effective medication for irregular and painful menstrual cycle. 
  • Arrests hormonal imbalances, prevents vaginal dryness and depression. 
  • Strengthens uterus, increases libido and improves blood circulation.

  • Enhances energy and overall health of women.
  • Corrects and balances hormone system.
  • Effective medication for women experiencing less sexual activeness.

1 tablet thrice daily, one hour after food or as directed by physician.  

Saraca indica Regularises menstrual periods, Removes uterine & ovarian cysts, Reduces menstrual pain
Asparagus racemosus Immunity booster, Antioxidant, Anti aging
Withania somnifera Strengthens uterus, Corrects ovulation, Enhances sexual energy
Hordeum vulgare Enhances energy, Improves circulation
Ricinus communis Purifies blood
Aloe vera Ensures health of female reproductive organs

All processed ingredients are crushed and boiled in water which is evaporated to get extract. Extract obtained is dried , granulated and compressed into tablets.

3 reviews

    Sreekala Sandeep
    Ernakulam, Kerala

    My daughter had severe pain during her period time. She wasnt able to attend school during those times and I used to take leave and sit home. She took Femin A for three months continuously. Now shes totally relieved from menstrual pain. Very effective remedy for painful period. I would recommend this medicine to all daughters who have painful periods.

      Kavitha Sathyamoorthy
      Salem, Tamil Nadu

      I had been suffering from irregular periods for a very long time with unbearable pain during menstrual days. My irregular periods became regular and pain also subsided after taking SBM Femin A.

        Aishwarya Kannan
        Thrissur, Kerala

        I bought this for my younger sister. She had severe pain & fatigue during periods. Both alleviated after taking Femina. Very safe to take since Ayurvedic medicine compared to other pain killers which is not good for body.

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