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Ipomoea sepiaria Corrects leaf-let valves inside veins
Amorphophallus campanulatus Acts as acrid stimulant and expectorant
Jasminum grandiflorum Controls temperature and humidity
Curcuma longa Anti inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Purifies blood by eliminating toxins
Plumbago rosea Enhances and purifies blood
Zingiber officinale Enhances actions of all other ingredients (catalyst)
Apium leptophyllum Corrects elasticity of walls in blood vessels
Cynodon dactylon Anti inflammatory, Heals internal bleeding & wounds
Tinospora cordifolia Rejuvenates cells

5 reviews

    Janardanan Nair
    Kollam, Kerala

    Suffering from varicose vein for past 15 years. A neighbour who used UMA recommended me for using this medicine. It’s been three months I started using SBM UMA. Medicine is very much effective. Size of the vein has reduced; leg ache and swellings have also reduced.

      Sarith Varghese
      Kottayam, Kerala

      My father is 68 years old and he is using UMA tablets for past two months. His pain, cramps and swellings on legs have been reduced a lot. Started using UMA with the combination of SBM Varicose oil from this week onwards, he’s saying it is better.

        Rema Devi
        Palakkad, Kerala

        Varicose vein was a severe problem for me due to my profession. I was having severe oedema and leg aches. Using UMA for past 6 weeks, I’m much relieved now.

          Rahman Ali
          Malappuram, Kerala

          My wife had varicose ulcer with severe pain. Used SBM wound oil and UMA . Now much better. Wound Dried. Pain and muscle cramps also reduced a lot.

            Shohaib Usman
            Bangalore, Karnataka

            Uma helped me cure piles which has been a problem for me for past many years. Thank you SBM

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