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  • SBM Indra Neeli is a Tribal Ayurvedic Hair Oil.
  • Arrests hair fall and promotes growth of black healthy hair.
  • Known for its effects on premature greying and revitalization of hair follicles. 
  • Unique composition which specifically eliminates stress related hair loss too.
  • Prepared through a strenuous process of 60 to 90 days.

  • SBM Indra Neeli hair oil restores body balance by its application behind the ears, inside palms and feet soles.
  • Nerve systems in these areas are directly connected to brain, which gives this special effect.
  • Medicine is seen to have produced 100% desired result within few days of its first application.

Some of the clinically proven benefits of Indra Neeli Hair Oil are:

  • Preparation contains certain Ayurvedic herbs that improve stimulation of hair growth even in bald heads. These herbs are recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures.
  • Abundant  loss  of  hair  can  be  rectified  within  one  week,  resulting in thick hair growth.
  • Stops premature greying, natural colour and shine of hair are restored.
  • Helps in reducing stress and tension.

SBM Indra Neeli Hair Oil should be used daily for best results. Apart from massaging gently on scalp, apply it on center of head, behind ears, palm and foot. This allows oil to reach from head to foot and energize nerves of head as well as body. It has a cooling effect on head and boosts memory power. After 15 -20 minutes of application, wash hair with SBM Thiruthaali Pure Leaf Juice Shampoo, for best results. Hair fall will stop within 7 days. But continue usage to prevent hair fall and premature greying.

Citrullus colocynthis Oil extracted from seeds of this plant can regenerate hair, Arrests hairfall
Indigofera tinctoria Vitalizes hair follicles, Promotes hair growth
Trigonella foenum graecum Natural hair conditioner, Promotes hair growth
Nymphaea alba Arrests hairfall
Cardiospermum halicacabum Arrests premature greying
Convolvulus pluricaulis Reduces stress which could be a reason for hair fall, Cools head and renders peaceful sleep
Cocos nucifera Most suitable oil for hair growth, Contains all vitamins and minerals required for hair nourishment and growth

Eye of coconut is opened, drained half of water, filled coconut with herbs, sealed it tightly and buried in soil for a period of 41 days. After this process, coconut is taken out, shell is opened and ground with other Ayurvedic ingredients. Mixture obtained is then added in pure coconut oil and boiled. This is a very secret tribal preparation.

3 reviews

    Sonia Diaz

    Long and thick hair was always a dream for me but my hair volume used to get thin after a particular level. When I started applying Indraneeli I felt it very soothing, my hair fall also subsided. I have been using Indraneeli for six months, now I have long shiny hair with good volume. My entire family is now using Indraneeli & Thiruthaali Shampoo. We are fans of Indraneeli and Thiruthaali.

      Saranya Deepak
      Palakkad, Kerala

      Indraneeli has an exceptionally good natural fragrance. From the odour of oil itself we can feel how natural and pure it is. I’m using Indraneeli for myself and my kid also.

        Deepthi Divakar
        Cochin, Kerala

        I have chemically treated hair and had trouble in keeping my hair soft and healthy . My hair dresser recommended me the Indraneeli hair oil . After using the oil every day, I noticed my hair has become soft and healthy looking and I am also using Thiruthaali shampoo. I think this is a perfect combination to keep hair healthy, shiny and smooth.

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