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Aegle marmelos Helps to cure headache, hypertension
Clitoria ternatea Antioxidant, Analgesic
Eclipta alba Has wonderful healing properties
Vitex negundo Antipyretic, Anti inflammatory
Trigonella foenum graecum Antitussive
Cocos nucifera Antibiotic, Emollient

3 reviews

    Ritika Singh
    Bhandara, Maharashtra

    I had severe migraine for years. I had tried many medicines and methods for getting a relief from migraine but no use. I used to vomit due to migraine. SBM Migrinol saved me from these worse conditions.

      Chitra Ranganathan
      Bengaluru, Karnataka

      I had to take leave from work due to severe head ache. Used Migrinol for a week, now Im perfectly alright. It has been seven months and no headaches yet.

        Abhinav Krishna
        Kozhikode, Kerala

        I used to get unbearable pain on my left side due to migraine, especially after work and this wud ruin my entire time after work. Used Migrinol for a week and it arrested migraine. After two months usage of this medicine I had a migraine attack once, again I used Migrinol for a week and have not been encountered with migraine since last one year. Highly recommended medicine.

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