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  • Urina EP is a very rare combination of various herbs, a formulation prepared from nature’s own resources.
  • Used as a supportive medicine for prostate enlargement, urinary infections, kidney stone, bladder stone etc.
  • Systemic Symptoms related to urinary tract : Long standing outlet obstruction usually results in vesicoureteral reflux and dilation of upper tracts with hydronephrosis. Upper abdominal discomfort and flank pain may occur during voiding continued vesicoureteral reflux and transmission of high pressure to renal failure and symptoms of uremia may occur. Such symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and somnolence.

Effective in treatment of the following conditions:
•    Kidney Stone.
•    Prostate Enlargement.
•    Removes all toxins from body.
•    Helps to maintain healthy kidney.
•    Other Urinary Problems/ Symptoms like Incomplete emptying, Frequency, Intermittency, Urgency, Weak stream, Straining,            Nocturia.

1 tablet thrice daily one hour before food or as directed by physician.

Benincasa hispida Treats kidney stone & stone in urinary tract, Diuretic
Centella asiatica Treats urinary infections, bladder stone
Tribulus terrestris Treats prostate enlargement, painful micturition, dysuria, haematuria, Diuretic, Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antiseptic.
Boerhavia diffusa Treats prostate problems, kidney stone, urinary stone, Diuretic
Zingiber officinale Treats renal inflammation, kidney stones, dysuria, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiproliferative

Ingredients are dried / crushed and kashayam is prepared. Filtered, excipient added,dried, granulated and punched to tablet.

2 reviews

    Yasir Ali
    Pune, Maharashtra

    Very effective supportive medicine for prostate enlargement. Three months I took this tablet along with SBM Prostatewin.

      Sheela Kalyan
      Hyderabad, Telangana

      Good remedy for Urinary infection. Thank You SBM.

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