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Mango Leaves Anti inflammatory, Treats mouth ulcer, Strengthens gum
Black Pepper Combats tooth decays & cavities, Encourages healthy strong teeth, Heals tooth aches, Reduces pains, Prevents bad breathe
Babul Bark Strengthens teeth, Anti inflammatory, Removes swelling of oral mucosa, Astringent
Neem Antimicrobial, Anti inflammatory, Prevents cavities, gum diseases, bleeding & sore gums, tooth decay, oral infections
Clove Prevents bad breathe, Fights infections, Relieves from tooh ache, Provides strong gum & teeth, Reduces plaque, Antiseptic
Vilwa Anti inflammatory, Analgesic

3 reviews

    Shyam Prasad
    Tirur, Kerala

    Tooth sensitivity problem resolved in a week. Im happy with this tooth powder. Thank you SBM

      Rehana Hussain
      Ooty, Tamil Nadu

      Teeth became whiter within a week. Nice smell also after brushing.

        Jhanvi Pradeep
        Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

        Gum bleeding stopped. Mouth will always remain fresh. No need of mouth wash.

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