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Gooseberry Prevents hairfall, Tonic for skin, nail & hair, Antioxidant
Black Sesame Seeds Nourishes skin, hair & nails, Reduces hair loss, Natural remedy for grey hair
Navara Rice Bran Rich in biotin, hence arrests hairfall, Nourishes hair, nail & skin, Prevents early greying of hair
Aloe vera Anti aging, Supports skin regeneration, Prevents hair loss
Ashwagandha Potent antioxidant, Protects skin, Anti aging, Firms up skin for a more youthful look, Strengthens hair
Honey Antioxidant, hence prevents damage & keeps scalp and hair healthy, Anti acne
Palm Jaggery Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars & uneven skin colour, Gives your hair a natural shine & silkiness.

2 reviews

    Silpa Raghuram

    First of all this jam tastes good. Hair loss reduced resulting in healthier hair.

      Sheethal Mathew
      Kottayam, Kerala

      My nails were very brittle. That problem is completely cured now. Now I have long strong nails.

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