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  • Effective medicine in treating Jaundice, Fatty Liver, Hyperacidity.
  • Maintains healthy liver functions.

  • Eliminates all problems related to poor liver function.
  • Removes all toxins from body.
  • Subsides pigmentation on skin.
  • Reduces hyperacidity & indigestion.

2 tablets twice daily, one hour before breakfast in empty stomach and one hour after dinner or as directed by physician.

Apium leptophyllum Treats diseases of digestive, respiratory, urinary and circulatory systems
Cynodon dactylon Good for liver, Brain & heart tonic, Treats acidity, fever, ulcer, stomach infection,
Aloe vera Keeps liver healthy. Antibacterial, antiviral & antiseptic
Boerhavia diffusa Treats chronic liver diseases, jaundice & indigestion. Hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic & diuretic
Phyllanthus fraternus Hepatoprotective, treats jaundice
Aristolochia indica Boosts immunity, Hepatoprotective
Adhatoda vasica Treats jaundice

Ingredients are crushed, kashayam is prepared and evaporated to obtain extract.This is mixed with nice powder of all ingredients; then dried, granulated and compressed into tablets.

2 reviews

    Shine Jacob
    Ernakulam, Kerala

    Good medicine for hyperacidity. I bought this for my father. He was suffering from acute hyperacidity. A friend suggested this medicine along with SBM Thumba Tonic. Three months usage and he is perfectly alright now.

      Seby Abraham
      Shimoga, Karnataka

      As prescribed by my doctor I used Rejuena and Rudra for three months. Ultimate curative medicines for fatty liver!!!!

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