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Apium leptophyllum Treats diseases of digestive, respiratory, urinary and circulatory systems
Cynodon dactylon Good for liver, Brain & heart tonic, Treats acidity, fever, ulcer, stomach infection,
Aloe vera Keeps liver healthy. Antibacterial, antiviral & antiseptic
Boerhavia diffusa Treats chronic liver diseases, jaundice & indigestion. Hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic & diuretic
Phyllanthus fraternus Hepatoprotective, treats jaundice
Aristolochia indica Boosts immunity, Hepatoprotective
Adhatoda vasica Treats jaundice

2 reviews

    Shine Jacob
    Ernakulam, Kerala

    Good medicine for hyperacidity. I bought this for my father. He was suffering from acute hyperacidity. A friend suggested this medicine along with SBM Thumba Tonic. Three months usage and he is perfectly alright now.

      Seby Abraham
      Shimoga, Karnataka

      As prescribed by my doctor I used Rejuena and Rudra for three months. Ultimate curative medicines for fatty liver!!!!

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