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Ficus Bark Cures itching & skin diseases, Anti acne
Sprouted & Dried Green gram Rejuvenates skin , Removes dead skin cells, Brightens up texture of skin, Gives healthy glow to skin
Sprouted & Dried Fenugreek Nourishes, moisturises & cleanses skin, Anti ageing, Cures Acne, Provides skin glow
Dried Tulsi Antimicrobial, Anti inflammatory, Anti ageing, Anti acne
Vetiver Nourishes skin, Prevents acne, Heals scars & diminishes marks

4 reviews

    Sugandhi Pushkaran
    Thrissur, Kerala

    I would definitely recommend this medicine. I had severe itching and rashes on skin due to soap allergy. Skin used to get very dry after bathing with soap. My itching and dryness completely stopped after using Snanachoornam Bathing powder. I have stopped using other soaps and body wash. Now only using Snanachoornam for bathing.

      Deepak Shetty
      Udupi, Karnataka

      Amazing bathing powder. Very natural fragrance. Can feel freshness for the entire day. No need of any deodorants.

        Sneha Ashok
        Bangalore, Karnataka

        Im using Snanachoornam Bathing Powder for my baby. Very safe and natural. No chemicals at all.

          Mahek Shah
          Mumbai, Maharashtra

          I really appreciate this product. My skin dryness problem completely resolved. Fragrance after bathing with SBM Bathing powder is so refreshing.

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