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Prunus amygdalus Demulcent, Cerebrotonic
Sesamum indicum Antioxidant, Calming effect on skin, Demulcent
Crocus sativus Powerful Antioxidant
Withania somnifera Neurotonic, Anti inflammatory agent, Provides sound sleep, Reduces stress
Curcuma longa Antiseptic, Anti inflammatory, Wound healing agent
Ghee Helps in balancing all doshas

3 reviews

    Sobha Ramakrishnan
    Thiruvalla, Kerala

    From my childhood onwards I had ear imbalance problem. I cudnt take anything from ground because I used to feel very dizzy. At times I faint also. I cudnt go for long travels , never used an elevator, so usually I take stairs. While getting up from bed I used to feel dizzy. My condition was that much worse. Used SBM Vertinol for two weeks, no more dizziness since then. Im perfectly alright now.

      Jacob Mathew
      Dwarka, Delhi

      I strongly recommend SBM Vertinol, I always used to feel dizzy when flight takes off and lands. Now Im ok, not at all dizzy.

        Mohd. Faizal
        Bengaluru, Karnataka

        Vertigo was always a problem for me, I faint at times. Now it has been two months after using Vertinol. Im fine now.

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