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Aloe vera Promotes hair growth, Natural hair conditioner
Tinospora cordifolia Prevents hair loss naturally, Antioxidant
Eclipta alba Strengthens root, Prevents premature greying, Arrests hair loss
Ocimum sanctum Effective for hair regeneration, Fights fungal infestation & dandruff
Bacopa monnieri Nourishes scalp, Encourages hair growth
Emblica officinalis Strengthens hair follicles, thereby arrests premature greying and thinning of hair
Cow’s milk Promotes hair growth, Aids in preventing hair fall, Natural conditioner
Coconut milk Packed with essential vitamins required for hair growth,Restores dry and damaged hair, Conditions hair
Coconut oil Boosts hair follicles, Contains all essential nutrients for a healthy hair growth

5 reviews

    Nithin K
    Trivandrum, Kerala

    I’m an IT professional, due to my work pressure I have to struggle with severe stress. As a result I had severe hair fall and tried different oils, but couldn’t gain any visible results. Currently using the second bottle of Neelaveni. My hair fall has reduced considerably and hair thickness has also improved.

      Neena Roy

      Severe hair fall after pregnancy was one among my major issues. Tried many hair restoration shampoos and oils, but no use. A friend of mine who used Neelaveni advised me to stop all other stuffs for hair and use Neelaveni along with pure leaf juice shampoo of SBM Thiruthaali. So as per her advice I put an end to all shampoos, conditioners, oils and started using only Neelaveni as well as Thiruthaali. Now I’m saved.


        Neelaveni is an amazing product. Just go for it. You will never find your hair dry afterwards; it is a natural conditioner too I guess. My hair started shining black for the first time in my life.


          Now it’s been three months and I have wonderful hair. Try Thiruthaali shampoo also. Its too good.

            Amala Raj
            Cochin, Kerala

            Hair was always a big problem for me. Always dry, rough, brittle and unattractive compared to my friends. No haircuts suited me well because of my poor hair texture. Results of Neelaveni are very positive. Hair volume improved. Turned my unattractive and dry hair silky. Hair fall also arrested after one bottle of use. Three months now and my hair has changed a lot.

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