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Reduces excess fat, Balances cholesterol level , Eliminates toxins, Anti inflammatory, Enhances circulation.


  • SBM CURCU – LEAN is a safe and healthy slimming formula containing 100% organic and natural spices that are scientifically proven as weight reducing elements.
  • Preparation  helps you to lose weight naturally. Novel blend of spices are known to promote metabolism resulting in fat burning.

•100% Pure & Ayurvedic.

•No Chemicals & Preservatives. 

•Nature’s best anti inflammatory, antibiotic & antioxidant. 

•Unique formulation containing 100% organic natural ingredients. 

•Fat reducing spices are combined in a MAGICAL RATIO which is effective and safe for Men, Women & Kids. 

•Scientifically proven ingredients for reducing oedema, inflammation & swelling. 

•Powerful fat burner including belly fat. 

•Balances ESR & body temperature, aids in digestion, eliminates toxins, improves blood circulation. 

•Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar, cholesterol & blood pressure levels. 

Mix 1 tea spoon (5 grams) of SBM CURCU – LEAN powder in hot water and consume when it is warm enough to drink, in empty stomach one hour before breakfast and one hour after dinner or as directed by physician.

TURMERIC Antibiotic, Fat burner, Anti inflammatory, Removes toxins
BLACK TURMERIC Balances ESR, Thereby reducing swelling, oedema & inflammation, Fat burner, Removes toxins
STAR ANISE Scientifically proven as a belly fat burner
BLACK PEPPER Improves blood circulation, Balances good cholesterol level, Balances BP
CINNAMON Reduces bad cholesterol, Removes fat deposit
DRIED GINGER Balances body temperature, Aids in digestion
GREEN TEA Fat burner, Removes toxins

Ingredients are purified separately, crushed and micropulverized.

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    Ankitha Mehtha

    I was introduced to SBM very long time back since then I have been using SBM products. Very effective for myself and my family. I have recommended SBM to many friends and relatives. We have tried almost all categories. Hair products are really good. We all use Indraneeli hair oil and Thiruthaali shampoo. Uma tablets were very effective for my father. He is so relieved from varicose vein now. We all take moringa as a food supplement. My kids used to take Brahmi, now Chyavanprasham. Fat reducing products are amazing. My bad cholesterol level was reduced after three months use of Garcinia and Fat free tablets. Tummy and loose fat also reduced a lot. I had a weight loss of 11 kgs in three months use. Now Im taking Curcu lean everyday morning like a routine thing. It makes me feel very light and pumped for the entire day.

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