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Aquilaria agallocha Analgesic, Anti inflammatory
Azadirachta indica Anti inflammatory, Antimicrobial
Terminalia chebula Analgesic, Anti pyretic, Anti inflammatory
Curcuma longa Anti inflammatory, Antimicrobial
Cynodon dactylon Analgesic, Anti inflammatory

3 reviews

    R. Sathyamoorthy
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    I apply this whenever I get severe shoulder pain. It relieves my pain and swelling. Effective medicine.

      Sandeep Ravindran
      Palakkad, Kerala

      Effective for my work related neck pain and back pain. Very safe ayurvedic medicine.

        Saraswathi Iyyer
        Chennai, Tamil Nadu

        Absolute relief for me from head ache. I like the smell also which is not giving me another head ache.

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