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Leucas cephalotes Helps in improving circulation in that area
Elephantopus scaber Anti inflammatory
Biophytum sensitivum Anti inflammatory
Plumbago zeylanica Anti inflammatory
Nigella sativa Anti microbial
Allium sativum Anti microbial
Moringa oleifera Bark Has wonderful healing properties

2 reviews

    Shreya Santhosh
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

    I bought this medicine for my husband. He used to snore while he sleeps due to the growth inside his nose. On my compulsion he applied this medicine. His growth inside nose started reducing eventually, now completely disappeared. We all can sleep peacefully now.

      Srikanth Patel
      Thane, Maharashtra

      I had nasal polyp and breathing became a problem for me. I used to take breath through my mouth also. Doctors advised me to undergo operation. Finally I came to know about SBM medicines for nasal polyp from my cousin who had similar issue and got cured. On her advice I contacted SBM and they asked me to apply Nasal ol and take SBM UMA tablets. These medicines together completely vanished my nasal polyp. Thanks to SBM Ayur staffs for helping me.

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