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Reference: Sahasrayogam
Erythrina indica Antihypertensive
Clerodendrum phlomidis Anti-diabetic, Antihypertensive
Azadirachta indica Controls blood sugar, Detoxifies blood
Plumbago zeylanica Anti-diabetic, Antioxidant
Acacia catechu Helps to maintain normal sugar levels
Berberis aristata Helps to lower blood glucose
Curcuma longa Reduces glycemia and hyperlipidemia
Aquilaria agallocha Anti-diabetes mellitus, Anti-hyperglycemic activity
Cyclea peltata Anti-diabetic

2 reviews

    Nayana Hedge
    Bangalore, Karnataka

    Most important thing I liked about this is the convenience of having this medicine even when I'm travelling. Just one teaspoon and drink some water. My diabetes condition is totally under control. Bindaas medicine.

      Hema Pathak

      Helped me a lot in controlling my diabetes naturally. Since my condition was very worse initially I used SBM Mecoon Gl & Gll tablets at the beginning along with diabetic drink. Im perfectly alright now, no more fatigue, dizziness and other related illness. Thanks a lot SBM Ayur.

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