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Prevents Mucous Aggravation & Reduces Sinusitis.

  • Rasnadi choornam is an Ayurvedic medicine applied on pate (centre of head) to relive headache and sinusitis.
  • It is a traditional medicine used as an external application immediately after bath.




•Cough with sputum


•Tennis elbow

•Muscle pain

•Heaviness of head

Rub a pinch of rasnadi choornam on pate (centre of head) immediately after bath.

Reference : Sahasrayogam

Reference : Sahasrayogam

2 reviews

    Sreelakshmi R Nair
    Kodungallur, Kerala

    After applying SBM Rasnadi Choornam my sneezing stopped which I used to have for a very long time.

      Priyanka Banerjee
      Howrah, West Bengal

      I used to get severe pain on neck & shoulder and head ache on days which I took a head bath. So I cudnt take a head bath everyday even though I badly wanted to. This problem is completely sorted out now. I rub a pinch of SBM Rasnadi powder on my scalp after bath and surprisingly I have not encountered any such issues afterwards. Im applying this for my kids also.

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