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Leucas cephalotes Treats gastritis, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and heart burn
Tragia involucrate Antioxidant, Anti inflammatory
Zingiber officinale Treats heart burn, stomach aches, Antioxidant, Antiviral
Apium leptophyllum Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant
Terminalia chebula Antiulcer, Treats indigestion
Biophytum sensitivum Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant, Analgesic, Antibacterial

4 reviews

    Roshni Majumdar
    Kolkata, Bengal

    I bought this for my father for his hyperacidity problems.. When he got cured, he suggested this to his brother also... Both got good results. This medicine has been recommended through out our friends and family for acidity related issues..

      Sikha Gupta
      Patna, Bihar

      I had lost lining inside my stomach due to acidity.. Three months usage and I regained my lost health including the lining.

        Sunny Singh
        Ludhiana, Punjab

        Acidity reduced from first month usage itself. Condition was very severe. I used SBM Neem tablet and Thumba Tonic together. Used both for three months and my acidity is gone.

          Vipin Mohan
          Kollam, Kerala

          Situation was very bad for me. I cudnt even drink water. Burping , acidity, pain in stomach while eating, I had all these problems. I took Thumba and rudra tablet for three months along with one stress free tablet at night since I had severe stress. These medicines really worked for me.

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