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SBM ORGANIC CHARCOAL TOOTH CARE POWDER - Navara Rice Husk Charcoal & Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs

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  • SBM Organic Charcoal Tooth Care Powder is a rare combination of Charcoal made from Navara Rice Husk enriched with Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs which makes it perfect for your teeth and gum protection.
  • Made from 100% pure natural organic ingredients; completely free from chemicals and preservatives. Absolutely suitable for all ages.
  • Regular use provides whiter teeth, enhances beauty as well as health of teeth and gum, prevents stain, tartar formation and dental cavities.

SBM ORGANIC CHARCOAL TOOTH CARE POWDER reduces following oral health related problems

•Stained Teeth.

•Sensitive Teeth.

•Swelling & Bleeding on Gum.

•Mouth Ulcer.

•Bad breathe.

•Use twice daily to clean teeth. Daily usage is recommended.

•In case of inflammation/ bleeding/ swelling/ mouth ulcer, mix 1 teaspoon of SBM ORGANIC CHARCOAL TOOTH CARE POWDER in hot water and retain in mouth for 5-10 minutes. 

Oryza sativa (Navara Rice Husk Charcoal) Teeth whitening, Removes surface stain.
Piper nigrum Combats tooth decays & cavities, Encourages healthy strong teeth, Heals tooth aches, Reduces pains, Prevents bad breathe.
Acacia nilotica Strengthens teeth, Anti inflammatory, Removes swelling of oral mucosa, Astringent.
Azadirachta indica Antimicrobial, Anti inflammatory, Prevents cavities, gum diseases, bleeding & sore gums, tooth decay, oral infections.
Syzygium aromaticum Prevents bad breathe, Fights infections, Relieves from tooth ache, Provides strong gum & teeth, Reduces plaque, Antiseptic.
Aegle marmelos Anti inflammatory, Analgesic.
Mangifera indica Anti inflammatory, Treats mouth ulcer, Strengthens gum.

4 reviews

    Satish Narayanan
    Kannur, Kerala

    From very first day onwards I got desired result. Stain reduced and teeth became whiter.

      Lathika Kishore
      Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Im using this regularly. My gum bleeding stopped eventually and root became stronger.

        Karma Rathod
        Bhavnagar, Gujarat

        My entire family is using this tooth powder. So far we are very much satisfied.

          Kajol R Menon
          Kozhikode, Kerala

          Got whiter teeth in a week time. Highly recommended.

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