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    Supriya Pai

    Highly effective in appetite control. This drink keeps me feel full for the entire day. Helps me a lot in dieting because I always used to feel like having food whenever I'm in diet. Happiest thing about LEANIA is I have become lean but not at all fatigue. Im active through out the day.. At times I feel like Im taking an energy drink.


      Leania is an awesome product. I had tried quite a lot of products for weight loss but Leania is just amazing. It helps me control my cravings for food. Leania has put a fullstop to my hair fall, also increased my HB count. Thank you SBM for this wonderful product.

        Tia Sarin
        Mumbai, Maharashtra

        Im always hungry at night. LEANIA helps me keep my tummy full at night. So I never eat food at night nowadays. I reduced 3 kgs in one month only because of that.

          Guruprasad M
          Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

          I always get constipation when I diet. Since this drink is fibrous , it helps me a lot with my bowel movements.

            Savithri Mohan
            Trivandrum, Kerala

            Major problem for me while dieting was I used to get low BP and fatigue. This drink helps me gain lots of energy even though I'm dieting. I lost 5 kgs in one month. Its very healthy drink in all aspects. My hemoglobin level also improved. Highly recommended supportive drink for dieting. I have already recommended this to my friends and family.

              Sreekanth Varma
              Thrissur, Kerala

              Myself and my wife are drinking LEANIA. Highly effective for us.. I always have the tendency to eat food in between all the meals. Because of that I used to attain weight and also high cholesterol since I used to eat high calorie food as snacks. After drinking LEANIA I feel full, so I stopped eating in between my meals. I have reduced 6 kgs in 45 days and my wife 3 kgs. Now we are more healthy than before. Actually I feel very light especially when walking and we are so much high on energy now.


                Amazing !!! I never feel hunger and I lost 3 kgs without any side effects.

                  Nenmara ,palakkad

                  Leania is very effective when inculcated with a good diet. I feel full always without fatigue.I lost almost 5 kg in a month with this wonderful hunger suppressant Leania.

                    Amar Nath
                    Thrissur Kerala

                    I am going to gym for past 4 months to reduce my weight and I was working hard . It doesn't help me a lot and feel hunger and tiredness too. My gym trainer suggested me to take Leania drink every day and result was amazing. In a week everything changed . My all problems and worries regarding weight loss solved. My diet is now under control and become more energetic now. I lost 6 kg in month wihtout any negatives in my health condition. Now there is no craving for junk foods and high carb foods. A tasty drink which helped me to start a good diet.


                      lock down after effects lead to extra weight gain. work from home and long sitting hours had an impact on my body weight. I have tried many diets but of no use.Then I tried Leania which has no side effects .My hunger pangs have been reduced over 3 -4 days.Weight loss is a long journery but I am sure with a balanced diet with SBM Leania I will be able to achieve the same.

                        Lakshmi Parvathy
                        Trichur Kerala

                        I have gained almost 5 kgs in this pandemic and I dont like to prefer artificial weight management supplemente but Leania Hunger reducing deting aid helped without causing any side effects.After using one week I can feel the difference in my body.It helped a lot in controlling hunger and also boosts up my energy level.The flavour is also good and I feel fresh all the day.It completes all my nutrition requirements.


                          The main reason for choosing Leania is that it controls my hunger. It doesnt contain any artifical things and there is no preservatives. Leania has not only controlled my hunger but helps to improve digestion. And for the Past one week It helped in reducing calorie consumption. Its keeping me full so no more craving for foods.

                            Wayanad Kerala

                            I was always in search for something quick yet effective to get the desired results for weight loss. My cousin recommended me Leania. This is an amazing product and I am feeling full after having this drink and my food craving is controlled. I do not feel low energy.I am using Leania for 2 weeks and I can feel the difference in diet with Leania.


                              Leania is a unique product that helps in achieving an ideal body weight in a healthy way. It helps to maintain weight without skipping meals. All must try this for a healthy life style.


                                It was a challenge for me to reduce the amount of food without loss of nutrition. And the only way to lose weight was control on my food. Products to lose weight in short time are available in the market , but we all knows about their harmful effects. I decided to control on my food intake, But i could not control my hunger. I have heard of SBM and tried Leania. It really controls hunger. There are no side effects either. As it contains fiber there is no constipation.I lost 3 kgs in a month with the help of Leania with a good diet.

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