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Allium sativum Reduces body weight, body fat mass, LDL Cholesterol
Coccinia indica Stimulates weight loss, Enhances good cholesterol, Balances high blood pressure
Dolichos biflora Diuretic, Astringent
Punica granatum Stimulates weight loss, Boosts Immunity
Garcinia indica Reduces excess fat & LDL cholesterol
Boerhavia diffusa Stimulates weight loss, Removes toxins from body, Diuretic, Rejuvenate body cells
Curcuma longa Balances cholesterol, Removes toxins, Antiallergic
Murraya koenigii Reduces LDL cholesterol, Enhances HDL ‘good cholesterol’, Rich in antioxidants
Raphanus sativus Diuretic, Removes excess water from tissues

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